Simple Points Display

Shortcode [wr_simple_points]

Description This simple shortcode is used to display the user’s points with no decoration.
This is very convenient if you want to display points within a phrase for example.


Points Value Display

Shortcode [wr_points_value]

DescriptionThis simple shortcode is used to display how much his points are worth.
This only works if your points and rewards system is set to points on cart.

Attributes text :The text displayed before the points value.raw :(Optional) If set to true, the result will be displayed as a simple text. Otherwise, it will be wrapped in stylable elements

Display Points

Shortcode [wr_show_points title=”Οι πόντοι σου”]

Description This shortcode shows to customers the points they have on a loyalty system.

Attributes title :The text displayed before the points.show_currency :(Optional) If set, the number of points displayed will show the points currency.

Points History

Shortcode [wr_show_history count=’15’]

Description This shortcode displays a user’s points history.

Attributescount :(Optional) The number of rows displayed. Default is 15.

Points on Cart Tool

Shortcode [wr_points_on_cart]

Description This shortcode is used to display the Points on Cart tool.
You can customize its appearance in the Widgets Tab.

Maximum Point Amount on Cart

Shortcode [wr_max_points_on_cart raw=”100″]

Description This shortcode will show the maximum quantity of Point that could be used on this cart.

Attributes raw :(Optional) If set, the amount will be a simple text. Otherwise, it will be presented inside a stylable element